Monday, February 23, 2009

Why I started this blog ...

About 30 years ago I hacked my first Pascal program into a stack of punchcards.
Since then I worked regularly with many different programming languages mostly in the field of machinery and process control.

I learned new methods of problem analysis, program design and implementation.
I have seen new paradigm and patterns coming. The most successful of them going a long way around concurrency and multi threading.
On the other hand me and my colleagues somehow had to handle the parallel reality of machine controls and communications.

Since a few years we can implement some of our solutions in C# which is a great improvement in many respects. My latest project is a asynchronous library using WCF (windows communication foundation).
The many, but still clumsy and imperfectly documented threading aspects made me think about improvements.

In December 2008 I created the first version of my proposal "Thread Safe Programming Language".

Further investigation showed that Microsoft is working on the same subject and has already implemented and presented new features of Visual Studio 2010 especially in the field of parallel computing targeting multi core engines and higher performance.

To share my knowledge with people that will shape the future of thread safe programming I decided in February 2009 to publish the second version of my proposal "Thread Safe Programming Language".

/ Stefan

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